Everything is terrible!

  • Everything is NOT terrible. This is a reference to Binding of Isaac.

    Do you ever have a crappy day where everything you do is just bad and totally wrong?
    I’m having one of those days in Chivalry. Every decision I make about making an attack, well, the timing seems to be just perfectly wrong, where I cannot hit them, and then I cannot block their riposte.
    Doesn’t matter what weapons I or them use - it’s all wrong.

    Every team I join, it’s bad. Probably because of me.

    Every map I play, I cannot turn it around.

    Everything IS terrible!

  • I have been there. But every now and then, I get a day where everything just clicks, and it makes up for it :D

  • Is it cold where you are? Cold hands are the bane of all gamers. Go for a jog to clear your head if life is getting you down.

  • I’ve gone though this a few times. You’re probably playing too much. Take a break for a couple of days; it’ll do you some good.

  • I win every game I play and always top the scoreboard, so I cannot relate to you at all.

  • I get that every day.

    For some reason I just suck lol. Sometimes its just bad decision making - an over zealous wild swing. I just see to fall pray to aggressive opponents. They hit me, I flinch, I am backing up and they just keep hitting me, my parries seem to miss.

    Still it makes each kill that more satisfying and now and then I join a server with lots of noobs and I’m like - wow I am in the top third of the leaderboard.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I win every game I play and always top the scoreboard, so I cannot relate to you at all.

    I see your feats equal those of the average chivalry forum user.

  • Just read the thread and the understanding and empathy shown has partially renewed my faith in humanity.

  • Every day is a bad day for me.

  • @Martin:

    Every day is a bad day for me.

    There is always tomorrow.

  • : ( … today is one of these days for me … im usualy pretty decent … but now i just raged quit , i kept getting raped by a lv3 maul spamming “noob” and by my friend who just bought the game … i usualy would send these beginners in a dark oblivion in not time without breaking a sweat … but today i keep blocking too late or too early , keep missing my swings… made 4 tks in one shot with the catapult …arghhhhh!

    for the sake of my mental sanity i should stop playing the game for 1-2 days

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