Linux client.

  • Hello!
    I do not own Chivalry yet, it looks like an awesome game.
    Sadly, I am a linux user and I try to avoid booting on windows to play games.

    I would really like you guys to consider making a linux client.

    Thank you! (:

  • Raising an old post, but I’d like to say that after trying out the game at my friend last night, I’d definately buy this if it was ported to Linux. :)

    Any plans on porting?

  • @Pihpe:

    Raising an old post, but I’d like to say that after trying out the game at my friend last night, I’d definately buy this if it was ported to Linux. :)

    Any plans on porting?

    Nothing has been mentioned of Linux at this time. Feel free to get your fellow penguins to post in support for it though.

  • Mmm one of my friends has linux and he would probably get it if it was ported but anyways the important thing is that I am now a penguin

  • Fellow Penguin reporting :P.

    I think it would be great to have this Game on Linux because it’s a very unique Multiplayer Experience and unique Games sell well on Linux. And thanks to the Humble Bundle’s, Kickstarter and Steam there is a lot of buzz going around for Linux and I’m sure that a lot of the new and old Linux Gamers would buy this Game. Porting to Linux would also make sure that this Game runs on the Steam Box.

    Thank you for giving us the chance to voice our opinion on a Linux Version btw. Not every Developer is that kind and cares about his Customers that much sadly.

  • I had a quick look at the content on the website. It sure looks good, I might give it a try if it would run on linux.

  • Well, like said in this topic :, I would be more than happy to pay and play the game if it was natively ported to GNU/Linux.

  • Hey, another penguin here!
    I would buy the game in the blink of an eye if it had a Linux client.

    It is greatly appreciated that you take it in consideration.

  • Now is a really great time to start porting games to Linux if you’re interested in more publicity or support from that crowd; every new game that pops up on the store gets a ton of people talking about it who previously did not have much to say in the way of gaming on linux. It’s a bit of a selective crowd who have taken the plunge so far, which is sad, but it makes for great encouragement for those who are willing to do so.

    In any case, I know if there was a Chivalry port I would absolutely buy it. I actually don’t own the game on Windows or anywhere else and have only played it with friends (I don’t have much time to game anymore, and switching over to windows to play games is really discouraging), but if it came to linux it would be in my library on day one.

    Thanks a lot for all your support and hard work on this game!

  • The last few weeks, I’ve been having a great time playing Chivalry with my friends. The thing is, I need to reboot into a dusty Windows partition every time we want to play. I would appreciate a Linux client to no end.

  • I would love to see this hit Linux, as someone has mentioned different, unique games do well on Linux, this is certainly that. I’m currently being stubborn and only buying games that have Linux support, I’m doing well mostly because CS:Source, Crusader Kings II and FTL. I would buy this in an instant, it looks amazing from what I’ve seen. Hopfully we get it. :)

  • I would absolutely love to see this come to Linux! It’s one of the best melee brawlers / fighters I’ve ever played. A Linux port would make this penguin gamer the happiest person there ever was!

  • I already own and love your game, but I would love to be able to play it on linux.

  • Hello! I’ve been interested in playing this game for a while, but haven’t bought it since I can’t bother to deal with Wine for gaming.

    Recently on a Reddit post I saw that you guys showed some interest in porting the game for Linux, and I can assure you got a buyer here in case that happens.

    Go for it!

  • I already own the game and would love a linux native version!

  • The first step would be having a dedicated server that runs on Linux natively. Honestly, I’m surprised there still isn’t one. This is one of the few games that rely on Windows for their servers :?

  • Penguin here!

    This game looks amazing in videos, and quite a few of my friends play this, so to say I wouldn’t mind a Linux version would be a gross understatement. Valve is paving the road for Linux gaming; please travel it.

    Thanks for reading!

  • These sorts of threads are barely worth replying to…the gog thread got 7-8,000 replies and then completely ignored…but, it looks like a worthy game, so…

    Yep, I use Linux (Kubuntu 12.04 mainly) and I would buy this if it was ported (like I have with a zillion other bits of software for Linux over the years)…and no I wouldn’t buy it for Windows as I barely use it and it’s as slow as molasses thanks to a certain 16-year old family member sigh.

  • What i can say, i registered only for posting my message. I definitely would like to get linux port. I promise, after linux release, i’ll copies for all of friends of mine, many of them uses linux and don’t like wine =)

  • +1 on the Linux port. We want to be able to play Chivalry on Linux natively. Please port! :D

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