Missile weapons

  • Noticed in a blog that archers use their superpowers to zoom.
    That’s no good.
    My thoughts on that are : leave aiming for the players , missiles must have their spread
    Make aim as hardcore as it is so it requires lots of shooting to adapt to it, but make successful looses more rewarding: for example after got an arrow(lets say to the knee) you should press lets say “j” to break it(arrow, not a knee)… it takes some time(1 sec lets say) …until you break it you get some kind of penalty (litle for an arrow , bigger for a javelin…).
    So ranged classes are truly supporting every1.

  • I agree with the hard to play for archers, it´s realistic and better for the rest of players and also challenging for the people who want to become good archers. Do the have another kind of eyes that the rest of the players don´t? Yeah, no zooms.

    About the arrows breaking? I don´t know, even if you break the arrow a part of it it will be there killing you, I think that warriors that has been shooted at broke the arrows just because the arrows were annoying and they need to keep fighting, so the real penalty (the bleeding and the head of the arrow in your insides) will still be there.

    I think it will be better to take the whole arrow out but maybe it is a lot to program cause it will be an objet attached to a bodie, and the bodie can have some arrows attached to it and every arrow gives you the possibility to press “j” and remove it or whatever. Maybe it´s to much work and I´m okey with the arrow just disappearing when it hits me and do the damage.

  • I agree on no zooms, other title have pulled off such things so it should be hard to disable.

    However i do believe that a zoom for new players is a good thing to help them get a feel for distance and other variables, also i would be a good feature for people whom have a visual disability ( NOT BLIND ).

    As for pulling out arrows or breacking off is say no, it doesnt seem logical to be able to tear out an arrmour from your armour and body. More than likely leave you worse off then before.

  • pulling out an arrow (anything) that is deep means bleeding to death usually if not sewed and bandaged right ….kinda good thing to know for rendering first aid

    broke the arrows just because the arrows were annoying

    you know its not quite a word to describe a feeling when you accidently touch a shaft of an arrow in you leg/arm while swinging you sword - its more like “oh my fkin god so much paaiin” if its not a real penalty than i dont know what it is

    leave you worse off then before.

    more you move an arrow - more you bleed , so its kinda worse to keep a shaft of an arrow than break it …
    Have you ever watched medieval films? cmon

  • It´s kind of hard to fight with a fucking arrow shaft sticking out of your stomach cause with every movement you try to do with your sword the shaft moves and more bleeding and damage so IT IS ANNOYING to fight like that, that´s why they break it. And yes you are right if you take the whole arrow out you will bleed to death specially if the arrowhead is sharpened but I won´t tell you where (inside yourself) you can put those first aid advices, no need to pulling them out.

    I watched medieval films, in those films when the guy got hitted by an arrow he breaks it YES but also, later in the camp, they removed the arrowheads (with a lot of pain and alcohol) and healed the wound with hot iron, otherwise they guy would die. So what? in the game if you are hitted by an arrow you are fucked? There is a decision you need to make: die cause of the bleeding, fight with pain and annoyed cause of the shaft or break it and just die cause of the bleeding. There is no decision, you will break the arrow automatically no need to have a key for that. Of course even with that you will bleed and die although because it´s a game we can just be permissives and don´t count that damage.

    I dont even know if they programmers are planning to let the arrows in the bodies after they reach the goal but if they are they just need to make the character break any arrow just by himself, that way it would be realistic and it won´t bother the player. Something like in a shooter when the character is out of bullets he reloads by himself whenever he is not obeying another action commanded by the player. It could be pretty sweet to see some players punctured with broken shafts like human brochettes.

  • I think the zoom is fine, judging by the latest video blog. It’s similar to M&B’s I’d say. No huge advantage there, especially if all classes can use it.

    I don’t know if I like the idea of having to break an arrow shaft, but it did make me think of shields. I wonder if such a system could apply to them? Or if they break when they’re struck enough times?

  • Look i agree on the arrow business , i just think the whole breaking of arrows just feels like an unneeded animation. I dont think bleeding is apart of the game so the arrows will have no other long term effects apart from the damage it cause to start with.

    I dont see this as helping the game in anyway, plus i also believe it a bit late for something along these lines.

    Good idea, but i dont think its needed. If you believe it is, what benefits will breaking the arrows give your man?

  • Arrows will stick out of the bodies when someone will be shot. And breaking arrows would not be possible.

  • @gallows:

    Good idea, but i dont think its needed. If you believe it is, what benefits will breaking the arrows give your man?

    It looks cool :) and archers wont just snipe-steal but really help with slowing down (small penalty that pluses) and distracting to break an arrow. but whatever sure it requires rebalancing so i guess my 4 a.m. ravings are too late )

  • What are those example of missile weapons? Wanna know and curious.

  • Me personally im wondering if Crossbows will be implemented. I meen it is by all means a historic weapon after all, it could be as efective as the long bow in terms of damage, not of reach and would be slower to reload.

  • There are three varieties of crossbow in the game with varying levels of damage and reload speed. Generally speaking they’re all stronger and slower than bows with a shorter effective range.

  • Oh really thats good :) then i will definatly pick one up and rain death on my enemy :D

  • @joyce1:

    What are those example of missile weapons? Wanna know and curious.

    Bows, crossbows

  • Javelins

  • Developer

    axes, knives, oil pots…

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