Tweaking the Body Count Timer:

  • I know that in another game I enjoyed that uses the Unreal Engine 3, that there was a code in the cfg files that could be adjusted so that you could make bodies stay on the battlefield for more than the standard 30 second time limit (then they vanish)

    The game is RO2, and in its cfg, there is the following section:


    1.000000 = 30 seconds, thus if you set it to 2, you get 60 seconds and so on.

    One person I remember set the timer to 40, which equals 20 minutes which was the average length of a match.

    There are also sections that would adjust how many bullet wound decals would be on the player and for how long, as well as decals on the map.

    Of course, the one problem that occurs with tweaking these settings was that the more on your screen, the lower your FPS will be. The guy who set the body stay to 20 minutes noted he had an average fps of 60 and near the end of the match it would drop to around 40 fps…… so for people with mid-range rigs with 30 or so fps, you may not want to do this.

    I’m bringing this up because I am wondering if Chivalry has similar codes within it’s cfg’s that you can adjust.

    Having piles of bodies on the map would make things pretty awesome and feel a bit more like a battlefield.

    Some Extra Notes: if it is possible to do this in Chivalry as well, if it is anything like RO2, when you adjust your graphics settings in the game for whatever reason, the above cfg tweaks will reset to their default settings.

    Note #2: this cfg tweak is client-side only and thus, only you would see the bodies, while everybody who has the default settings would see everything normally. This means that if you think you could hide around a pile of bodies and think nobody can see you, think again…. cuz to everybody else, you’ll look like your standing all by yourself out in the open.

    Note #3: besides a drop in FPS as more bodies pile up on screen, another problem you may have is trying to find live enemies amongst the bodies as they stack up…. you could set yourself for a disadvantage, so be aware.

    I’m at work at the moment, on break, so I can’t hunt through the game’s cfg’s right now to see if this is possible, but I’m pretty sure something like the above code line does exist as it’s an UE3 thingy…

    again, if you search for something like FXLifetimeMultiplier=1.000000, which should be under a header noting something about the game’s Pawns (pawns being the static objects like dead bodies) you should be able to play around with the body staying time.

    There is no advantage for any player to modify these settings other than for sheer eye candy and immersion.

  • Well I looked through all the config files, line by line, and I didn’t see anything relating to the time set for bodies anywhere.

    I found decal time limits, and counts, as well as how many audio channels to allow (default 32, I set to 64)

    But nothing for the bodies/limbs/static meshes, etc….

    Anybody have any ideas?

  • I don’t know if you can tweak it in CFGs now, but there’s going to be a slider to allow you to set how long corpses last client-side in the near future.

  • Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking forward to this… It just helps make the battlefield look a bit more real 8-)

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