Dodge not always working? Working as intended?

  • I assigned (can’t remember if it was by default) the one-key dodge to V. So I don’t need to press twice W, S, A or D. It feels better and I play a lot better with it. But, there are several times when I press it and nothing happens. Mostly when I attack, then after the wind-up finishes but before actually attacking, I want to dodge forward, but is doesn’t work always; sometimes I press the key before starting the attack but still it should at least do the dodge but it doesn’t, I think the reason is because I do it too fast and the game doesn’t respond or something, but I’m not sure though.

    To be honest though, my keyboard is a bit old, so it may be malfunctioning, I will change it tomorrow and check if this still happens, but I can confirm the next issue is not related to my keyboard:

    Another thing I noticed, though I don’t know if it’s intentional, it’s that right after you’re hit, you can’t dodge, I press the key but nothing happens, it takes a tiny amount of time after you’re hit before you can dodge, again I don’t know if this is intentional, but I think it shouldn’t, after all, you have been already hit, why punish with making you unable to dodge the next attack? And the amount of time required to do so, while tiny, is big enough so the opponent can follow-up his attack, thus getting you killed because you were pressing the V key and nothing happened.

    This is not a problem in 1 vs 1 because I can simply parry the opponent, but when fighting groups, that quick dodge after being hit might save me from being hit by another guy almost (a bit later than the 1st guy) attacking at the same time.


    Is this intended?
    If yes, then you agree with it?

  • In options, input, turn up double tap time to like ehm I even use max 400 ms on maa.

  • Dodging doesn’t work if you are holding multiple direction keys at once. Perhaps that’s the problem, assuming you have enough stamina to dodge.

  • Its as you discribe, and thats intended so.
    No dodging while attacking

    Edit: Ok i just tested it, and i was talking bullshit

  • I know that being flinched and sprinting lock out the dodge ability, and it is possible to dodge in every stage of a swing. I only use WASD to dodge though.

  • @TheFunnySide:

    Its as you discribe, and thats intended so.
    No dodging while attacking

    I dodge while attacking. Sure of it… like forward dodge and with overhead slash.

  • Are you sprinting? If you are sprinting then you can’t dodge. However since you can still attack while sprinting, you may think that dodge while attacking isn’t working.

    Attack can be used while dodging, and dodge can be used during both windup, swing of an attack and during recovery. As for the getting hit part, that mechanic there is called flinch. It’s a 0.2s “stun”. 0.2s isn’t enough even for a kick or dagger stab. Depending on the speed and reach of the enemy’s weapon though, sometimes it’s simply more practical to parry.

    When fighting groups, you should always be at a great disadvantage. Pick your fight carefully or die with your choices. Getting a shield helps, but any two above average players can rip apart even the greatest duelist with a tiny bit of simple teamwork (fortunately/unfortunately that’s a mystery in pub games).

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