Admin feature.

  • Lets troll them slashers a bit and reward them with the infamous:


    (im not speaking of a cudgel.)

    What the stick is/does:
    The stick is around as big as the shortsword and deals as much dmg as a kick (on every enemy/bodypart) it has only one attack, the slash (means you cant overhead-stab with it).

    How to achieve it:
    Doing 500 dmg without a break with only slash (teamdmg is double).
    you cant change the main weapon when you die you have another stick as secondary, so you cant just swich and happy slash like a tard.
    You have to play 3 lives with these settings without ANY chance (no rejoining no leaving and joining other server no swapping weapon) to change it.

    i find that many ppl even dont really know what excessive slashing means. maybe that would wake em up.

  • lolwut?

  • :? …… Naw.

    You don’t really punish the player so much as you punish his team, as he’d just be an easy slaughter… you might as well just kick the player off the server so another player can fill his slot.

    What you propose, which may seem funny to you and a few others, would be no different than leaving one team out numbered by at least one player (or more if there are more players assigned this “Stick”)

    Or in Team Deathmatches, the opposing team would quickly rack up kills because of this and win.

    … échouer

  • Well slashers often (not always) decrease my chance to win a game anyways. (dem long or highdmgin slashtools of doom….)

    what i meant with it that its just an admin feature. have you played aoc? well admins there trolled the shit out of ppl. i think its up to you if you use it or stay on the server if its used. if i had a server i would totally do something like that. dat epic rage when they just got the second stick in a row XD, and i mean slashers are bad their kd´s are mainly useless in lts to and koth. and ffa? a fair lil aid for the good players refraining to run around with giant weapons and slash for the lulz.

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