Server Browser reporting incorrect ping

  • Hey, just got the game recently and loving it. But as the title says, it’s really difficult for me to find a server with a low ping because the browser is broken for me. Here’s what it looks like:

    (Filtered to my local region, nearly all servers pings over 400, consistently)

    I joined the highlighted server in that picture and my actual ping is shown here:


    Due to this it’s really hard to find a server around 50-60 ping. Nobody else seems to be having this problem, if there is anything I can do to fix this, I would love assistance. Thank you. ^^

  • Bump?

  • @VirtuallyJesse:


    Not quite sure what to say.

    What happens if you delete the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games?

    What if you try completely reinstalling the game?

  • Yes, I’ve already tried those solutions previous to creating this thread. T.T I’ve never had this problem with any other game before.

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