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  • I realize this is something everyone is talking about and as such it’s been stated before. But I felt the need to add my voice to the mix.

    We really, as server operators, need to have the ability to remotely manage the server.


    1. We should be able to kick, ban, change maps, restart the server, etc remotely. Either through rcon or other means.

    2. Reserve slots are quite valuable to communities such as ours (Teamplayer Gaming) and allow us to host these great games. Without the ability to have reserve slots for players willing to pay for them we aren’t able to monetize the servers and pay for the hosting. We need to be able to supply a list of steam ids that have priority to be on the server. This doesn’t even have to be implemented in the game/engine if the suggestion above in #1 is implemented. An external program could be monitoring players in game and keeping slots open as needed.

    3. Better spectate ability for admins to spectate griefers and tkers and identify them for bans.

    4. Different levels of admin powers. We currently have Low, Mid and High admins which all have differing levels of abilities within a game (thinking specifically valve games and bf3 mostly here). With Chivalry it’s an all or nothing thing. Either you are an admin or not. We would prefer our “low” admins not have the ability to ban someone, but they can kick. Mids have the ability to ban… Highs can do anything. Obviously it’s not a necessity as the admin commands are pretty basic with Chiv, but if they are expanded on we really do not want low admins having the ability to say, restart a server.

    5. Messages from the admin need to be prominent in-game. Top of the screen in bright neon pink or something. As it is, most people ignore the text chat when they are rushing in with a bardiche trying to chop someone’s head off. Something with a higher point size and brightly colored would help tremendously with announcements and warnings.

    Those are just the few things that immediately come to mind. I hope sincerely that you take my, or the other server operators’ advice and add some of these suggestions.

  • I agree with you 100% on everything. Most of these things are all things I’d like to see implemented and have been thinking about as well. Hopefully they have the ability to provide at least some of these things for us. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Thanks for your input!

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  • We NEED reserved slots. As OP said, this is a really good way to monetize our servers. Plus it sucks not being able to play in your own server!

  • another solution is to get a command input bar in the server logging screen and we can kick other players. That would be also useful for many other things!

  • We’re working on getting some updated and added-on server management options, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It won’t be in this update, but definitely in the future.

    1. If you were kicked by users (and currently not logged in as admin) the ability to re-join as admin (not possible right now. You’ll still get the message “your IP-address […]”).

  • Kimiko - Will there be any server side improvements in the next update? If not, i will cancel my server until they get it up to scratch.

  • And most of these reasons are why I dropped support for this game. The dev’s truly dropped the ball with rcon. Without proper rcon, there really is no point to running a server. The lack of rcon support and the constant server crashes, were enough to ruin this game for me. I finally took our 5 servers down, even though they were full quite often. If you cant cover the basics, then please don’t waste our time. :?

    I keep checking back, hoping to see things have been fixed. Each time I check in, I am always disappointed. Very sad. :(

  • Yeah my server is always full, the times when it isn’t is due to the incorrect reporting of players, lag/stalls (not caused by the server hardware/connection), TDM’s not ending due to a spectator or the server crashing due to a map change.

    Maybe Torn Banner need extra resources on the server side coding?

  • @dragunov:

    Kimiko - Will there be any server side improvements in the next update? If not, i will cancel my server until they get it up to scratch.

    Hi dragunov, I’m sorry for not responding sooner.

    I honestly can’t tell you if they will be in this coming update or not. We talked about it at our meeting, and it’s been added to the upcoming list. Whether or not it can make it in this update before the release is still up in the air. I’m hoping like you that it will be though, as this is something I really really want.

  • fingers crossed :)

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