AU PC: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Ladder!

  • Hey everyone,

    Myself and Blaize have gone to great lengths to develop a Chivalry ladder for the community. We talked to Asterix, the Founder of CyberGamer and he was more than happy to create the ladder. Now that the ladder has been created, we need teams to fill it. Currently the ladder is in its first season, season 1. And it’s an open ladder, meaning anyone can join or make a team. Also because it’s the first season there will be no prize money, it’s all for braggings rights. If this season goes well, which we hope it does then next season there will be an invite league, as well as prize money.

    You can check out more info like rules etc here

    Feel free to contact any of the admins which can be found on the link to the ladder above.

    NOTE: This ladder is only available to Australia and New Zealand. Same rules as any other game on CyberGamer

    Thank you,

  • Cool…. Best of Luck with the Ladder… too bad I hate clans 8-)

  • Well it’s good to see some options for Australian and NZ players :D

  • Nice one comrade, I’m sure G clan, would be keen on joining sire.

  • Be sure to enter a team soon, we’re just working on setting up servers but once that is done the ladder will go live.

    Please try and contact all friends that might want to join/make a team, if this season is a success we’ve been told the ladder can go on, and that next season we can have prize money.

  • We’ve signed up and can’t wait! Also looking to have some fun scrim matches if anyone is interested.<br /><br />-<poD³> DeeMon

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