Quick Questions

  • How do you make a clan? Also how do you kick people out of the game?

  • Starting a clan just means you try to organize a group of people… You can get a voice chat server, a Chivalry server, and a website as tools for organization. The forums have a clan hub for posting about your clan, also.

    Kicking people out of servers with votekicks or admin options?

  • inb4 ends up calling his clan ‘The Nazi party’ and gets banned.

  • Seriously, how can mods and admins tolerate a “Adolf Hitler” piece of shit here?
    I usually dont freak out about that stuff, but this could be extremely insulting to someone.

  • i actually complained about this user name but got no reply.

    other than an admin posting in a closed thread, so we couldnt respond, get this: as long as he doesnt act like adolf its live and let live.

    so i guess he wont get banned unless he conquers europe.

    im dissapointed this farce is allowed to continue as this is clearly a provocative user name.

    no really. get a grip admins.

  • I agree. It is a shame this is tolerated here. I start to question myself what the fuck I am doing in a forum where something like this is happily accepted.

    He does not need to act like a jerk, the name alone has just one goal: Offend others. And it works, it really offends me to be honest. Making bad jokes is one thing - trying to provoke by carrying this name another.

    I request a statement by a mod or admin.

  • @William:

    It’s a name. Would you be quite so offended if his name was Joseph Stalin, who also killed hundreds of thousands of people? What about Genghis Khan, who also happened to be part of the genocide of millions of people? Yet he is idolized and romanticized, and you wouldn’t bat an eye if you saw that name in game.

    It’s just a name. It’s not like the name is offensive in and of itself. Get over it.

  • William Godfrey I have posted about this on various times and they were locked.
    2 moderators even responded as you can see via links below.




    I suggest a review of this subject by the dev team tbh. with a published response here.
    this is just my opinion.

  • Yeah sure, just a name.
    It is not the name. It is the reason he has chosen it… Its nothing else then trolling, just with a bitter taste.

    And no, I surely will not get over it, but thank you.

  • To be honest, I am usually more of an asshole than the guy who picked that name… The idea for allowing it is to allow fairly free speech… I don’t think it is happily accepted, rather just accepted. If the mods were to censor a name, then someone else would get offended that I say the word “fuck” then have to go through and lock everything that says that word. Eventually, you’d have political correctness everywhere and the forums would be so filtered that you might as well go to the Disney website. I do agree the name is stupid. However, I wouldn’t call for removal or censorship of it.

    To be back on topic:

    Another thing you can do to help get your clan started is to check out the “looking for clan” thread and send out some private messages with links to your website, voice chat info, ect.

    Hope this helps!

  • By the way, flaming people is against forum rules, guys… You might watch your remarks about AdolfHitler, regardless of your feelings about his name.

  • I mean why is everyone so freaked out? Its just a username. And why is everyone off topic, i post questions for answers not comments?

  • anyways how do you kick people off a server?

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