2 Optimzation Idea (FPS boast?)

  • First off I aplogize if these idea has already been suggested.
    Next is, I have no idea how the unreal engine work so again I’m going on idea base on my knowlege on how certain mechanic works.

    1.| Reset the battlefield (I notice that when the next round is in place. Arrows decal from the last battle still remains. I believe it would help by flushing these decal once the round is over. Also, base on reading on future patch of blood decals, and longer corpse spawn I hope those will be reset on new round as well.)

    2.| Option to have NO Ragdoll Collision (This takes me to my VALVE SOURCE ENGINE mechanic. Ragdoll takes some kind of CPU processing. Games from the Source Engine has ragdoll clip through other ragdoll. Less CPU processing. There’s an option/cmd in the source engine to turn on ragdoll collision. This would cause the game to be more realistic but cause more strain on the system.

    In Chiviary when a player dies, the model after its death animation goes into ragdoll mode. I notice that it collide with other ragdoll as well. Ragdoll usually takes some kind of CPU processing. So more ragdoll = more processing espacily if it collide with other ragdoll.

    To make my point, try playing a 64player server King of the Hill map. It usually would lag a bit when you are in the center due to mass bodies dying. I strongly believe the fps would’nt drop if collision was turn off. )

    In conclusion, I’m not asking to remove any of these feature. Just some simple optimization.
    Again the unreal engine mechanic is not known to me so maybe you cannot turn off collision.
    I personally play everything on High except for SSAO on my xfire 7970m. (Kill my fps)

  • 20 fps is fine.

    They have done some optimisation in the upcoming patch. I played the beta and everything is a lot smoother.

    They also said that it is their goal to have good 64 player servers.

  • “No Collision” is possible in the UE3.

    But I have no issue with FPS’s with this game…. maybe allow the eye candy / optimizations as a setting in the video section options so those who need that boost can get it, while others who like the current features can leave it as is.

    As I said before, I’m all for more options. 8-)

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