• Need a purpose built competitive mode to get this community flourishing. Features to include:

    Stopwatch mode for Team Objective matches –- We shouldn’t have to add times together and stuff. Team A plays offense first completes all objectives in 12 mins. Switch sides, Timer is set to 12 mins for Team B to complete all objectives, they lose once the timer runs out. If say Team A gets held at obj 2, then Team B gets that amount of time to complete obj 2 and once they do they win the round.

    Ready Up System - By default on map load it should be in warmup mode, run around hack at stuff and then once everyone “/readyup” then a short timer starts to spawn everyone back at spawn and start the round. Simple stuff, but crucial to easy scrim/match management. The current system of chat confirmation and then restartlevel sucks.

    Round Stats - Post a table with everyone’s accuracy, dmg dealt, dmg taken, team dmg, etc etc so we can talk smack on each other.

    Gotta run now but I’ll add more to this shortly —chime in if you like the concept.

  • Something like “Chivalry: Pro mode” would be nice heh, also with different balancing and such.

  • Well, I’d just rather have a 30 minute continuous timer for competitive TO like AoC, then when a team completes the entire map, it just will display each objective completed successively (1:00 > 3:00 > 7:00 > 10:00 as opposed to what we have now 1:00 > 2:00 > 4:00 > 3:00). This allows teams to not get DNF’d on the first objective also, because they were too slow, and can advance further and play more of the game. It would even allow teams to be slower on the initial objective, but opens up the possibility of being faster on others and still winning the game.

  • i dislike the idea of having different balance for pro modes since that means anyone who wants to get into the competitive side needs to learn a different game- i’d much rather have restricted unlocks or something like that instead

    i agree with the other suggestions above except for the scoreboard stat stuff, seems like it should be done waay later down the line since it is not as important as the other stuff

    also we should discuss on what gamemode the norm should be and what maps should be banned since some maps are seriously awful/imbalanced towards one side (the various darkforest LTS maps come to mind)

  • Martin: Thanks for the reply, and that does sound quite good and simple. Complete more objectives, or same objectives in less time than opponent to win. I like your anecdote about struggling on one stage but then turning up the heat to end up completing them all….that undoubtedly would happen at some point and be quite fun.

    kwazi: I’m not a programmer but the data is already being displayed to each individual player — its probably an hour worth of effort to just dump everyone’s data into the console at the end of a round. No one is talking about a different balance, just the particulars of the game format.

    LTS is awful for competition, horridly boring and campy. Team objective is fantastic and lots of fun, try it sometime and you will see that it should be the default competitive gametype. Probably 5v5 or 6v6 because thats generally the only amount of sustainable people you can require for a game and keep a league alive. I say this from previous experience in competitive leagues.

  • TO should definitely be the standard IMO, but there is a lot of interest in a modified LTS mode with an objective.

  • Personally, I hate “one life to live” concepts. By nature the action is very “turtle-like” and just basically deteriorates into LTS anyways –- so it sort of doesn’t even end up being objective. /barf

  • If you make the time limit something reasonable like 3 minutes, it will definitely force aggression and become extremely fast paced.

  • I think TDM should be pushed more

  • @SlyGoat:

    If you make the time limit something reasonable like 3 minutes, it will definitely force aggression and become extremely fast paced.

    Or you know…just put ammo boxes in the middle. Makes people want to contest it.

  • That won’t fix the fact that LTS is boring as fuck rofl.

  • LTs can be very intense, I think it’s the one of the best competitive modes. TO would be fantastic with 10+ people on each team minimum. Then it takes on a more thought out approach and it tests teamwork and reaction. Plus, who can’t resist a massive battle.

  • In the clan wars and cups, the game really needs a warmup stage so when all are in the server and ready, they can type in console ready and then the map starts. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement, because there is already a small warmup before the map starts.

    LTS with a object would be fun, the object would need to be some type of capture/hold idea. So that holding it you will win. That will force teams to be more aggressive and not just sit on their sides of the battle.

  • Try team objective with 5v5 or 6v6, I think you would be pleasantly surprised how well it works. I’ve never known a truly active comp scene where the required players per side was over 8 and even then that didnt last long.

  • Nah I’ve been scrimming in torn banner games for years TO us way more fun with more people, plus more people get to play, how fun is it if you’re in a 10 person plus clan (as most clans are) and can only scrim a third of the time, boring. LTs doesn’t need an objective but maybe you should look into the capture the flag mode that they’re making, it looks quite interesting.

  • I don’t disagree with you that, for games like this especially, 10v10+ etc is hugely fun and epic. I’m just saying that it is not sustainable for a true competitive community. If your team has a large roster then you simply enter more than one 5s or 6s team into the league.

  • I think LTS needs to die off already. Objective based LTS would be nice, because it forces one team to attack. Where as LTS is a wait game to see who will be aggressive. Giving a reason to attack makes it fair for both sides.(And I don’t think an ammo crate is incentive enough to attack. Especially when most archer duels end well before anyone runs out of ammo.)

    CTF looks like it will be an amazing comp mode, and I am dying to get a scrim going in that mode!
    TO is also a great comp game mode, since again it has defined roles. 1 team attacks while the other defends. Race against the clock! THe only mode that needs to be changed for comp is LTS.

  • Honestly, the community needs to distill it down to 1 or 2 modes max for competition. Otherwise, it’ll be too fragmented. Team Objective as it stands now and CTF have pretty good potential IMO.

    Our team will not do any LTS based stuff.

  • The good part of LTS is that the matches don’t last as long as TO matches… But still it’s a boring gametype compared to TO or (hopefully) CTF.

  • I really like CTF, but the flag is OP ;)

    Also, the maps are asymmetrical, which could lead to some imbalances.

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