Penalties for missed and blocked swings

  • Now I will admit I don’t know the numbers in this game, but I fondly remember in AoC being one of those few who wanted to play with pole arms because I had learned to do a backpedal/headshot to make my swing count. I feel like that mechanic is gone from Chivalry.

    Also, I have faced off with people before and after blocking 4 of their swings with a buckler I am still at a massive disadvantage (usually against 2 handers). The best option is usually to do a shield bash after a block, which then means you have to go chase down your foe and they have a timing advantage. Attack immediately after a block and you will be likely hit by a two hander harder because you are being obvious with your timing.

    I propose a blocking mechanic that adds to recovery time based on a hierarchy. Parry with daggers adding no recovery time while blocking with a shield or a parry with better blocking weapons (meaning basically things that aren’t axes or mauls) creates a longer recovery time.

    This would be a great incentive to use the buckler and reduce LMB spam. Block that first Vanguard or knight hit and then get inside to get the damage advantage before he starts doing massive hilt damage to you.

    I think the fear would be that it would slow down combat, but with a greater reward for blocks, it is possible that more people would do that and then feining (which is discussed in another thread as game breaking) would have more of a proper role.

    If this is too much, then perhaps keeping blocking as is while adding a longer recovery time after two hander swings is a better option. I tend to see that as a straight nerf though instead of addressing the behavior that makes it less fun to play one strategy than another.

  • Parries are already rewarded with a large .8 second deflection time, giving you ample opportunity to execute any attack in the game no matter how slow, as well as the time to feint it and re-swing if needed - also, you can combo an extremely fast attack off of a successful parry if you think you can catch your enemy off guard.

    Rewarding shield blocks would make the game far too defensive and slow, since blocking with a shield isn’t nearly as difficult as circumventing a shield block, unlike parries which have a relatively narrow window. In fact, by design the exact opposite is true. Whiffing an attack on a shield doesn’t deflect you for as long as parries do, and you don’t lose stamina for it while the shield user does. This is to encourage people to follow up on blocks instead of just blocking all day.

    Missed swings are already penalized. You, the person avoiding the swing, lose absolutely nothing (unless you used MaA dodge) while the person swinging loses 10-20 stamina depending on the size of his weapon; meaning for heavy twohanders, you can only miss 5 swings before your stamina is wholly depleted.

  • After playing again last night thinking about what you said here, I still completely disagree.

    By pure numbers it might be easier to block with a shield, but you are giving up quite a bit of vision (crucial in this game) and mobility. When you get a successful block with a shield of any form, you are guessing on your next strike…if you get a successful parry you can know if a thrust or an overhead is proper…you can know where to start aiming.

    Parry is simply a far far better blocking choice against everything but projectiles.

    Simply preventing an immediate attack after hitting a shield would be enough to make up for this difference. If there is a moment of vulnerability because of a blocked attack, the shield bearer has a window to land a hit.

    Currently that window fails to materialize because the attacker will either backpedal or lmb spam on the shield. If they backpedal after a block the shield bearer must charge further forward to get within range…opening themselves up for a high damage hit (whereas someone could parry and reposition then attack again in the same time). If the opening lmb spams, the shield bearer will take the damage unless dodging or … if a knight…just takes it as a penalty to get to the person they have blocked.

    A penalty for getting blocked by a shield slow down combat because the shield bearer actually will get a traded hit or kill shot in. Otherwise the best option for the shield bearer after getting the first block, is to prepare for the second block and move a little. If the shield bearer is very lucky they can get a shield bash in before the second hit comes and then have a tiny bit of damage and the ability approach from a different angle.

    Usually by this point someone else has run into the fight and killed the shield bearer from behind. Shields currently just prolong fights because they do not offer a good transition into an attack for any user except maybe knight who can just eat the damage on the way to the target.

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