Fire arrows

  • Not sure if this topic was mentioned before, but I’ve always thought fire arrows were really cool. They not only add damage, but light up darker areas if it’s a night map. To avoid archers going over drive on fire arrows, in order to use the you would have to manually light each arrow from a torch or fire pit. Placing these effectively around the map could introduce some pretty cool areas of combat and areas of confidence for archers.

    Just a suggestion, game looks great.


  • I second this I think it’s a great idea for immersion, and a little 1 up for arches that leaves them quite vulnerable to those who stalk the shadows.

  • 3rd thread about fiery arrows. Look through the forum before posting new suggestions

  • ^

  • Awesome idea, with fire already in the game used for objective games like burning houses and such, I’m sure they could make it work.

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