Dueling and Situational Awareness Training

  • This is a little game I more or less accidently developed when I joined a Duelserver only to find it overrun with players doing Free For All.
    Usually I was standing around waiting for someone to challenge me - there still could be honest duelists around - while fighting off FFA-Players that attacked me.

    Over time, this pretty much evolved into a game mode on its own. So, I am watching the mayhem going on from a distance while occasionally defending myself. This actually allowed me to do some sort of dueling despite the FFA, yet it always came with a little twist: Since anyone could interrupt my fight at any time and from any direction (people are greedy) I basically got duels with situational awareness training on top. Make sure you don’t get cheapshotted in the back, position your enemy between yourself and any threatening third parties, strategically disengage if you’re in danger of getting into uncontrollable group battles… its really entertaining and a mixture of duel practice and mass engagements.
    Sometimes, if you’re doing well, people will gang up on you, but then its basically “fighting multiple opponents light” because in FFA they don’t get reduced team damage - what you can abuse.

    So, on the plus side:

    • new experience
    • duel training and situational awareness training in one
    • usually you can dictate your own pace
    • is entertaining to do
    • can help turning an accidental FFA-Server back into a duel server
    • is a surprisingly effective way to play FFA… I usually end up with scores around 20 - 1


    • many FFAers aren’t competent duelists, so at times the challenge can be a bit lacking
    • does’nt work too well on small maps like arena

    So, what do you think?
    Maybe you’ll give it a try and tell about your experience.

  • Hello sir,

    i experienced it already at the beginning of my chivalry journey…
    FFA is a kind of “test”, to show how much surviving skills and awareness you got.
    Sometimes i suck, and most of the times i end up #1.

    People who think that they just can run up a group which is killing eachother, they are wrong.
    Because you end up getting killed.
    You get backstabbed or a random vanguard with a 2h sword give you an overhead by the end of your swing.

    FFA is hard and intensive. There is no rest. You need to be aware, where you are and who is facing you with who from which side.
    The ones who are top 5 at FFA, are either lucky with lucky engagements or they have excellent awareness of the area. Where to stand at which moment and when it is time to retreat.

    You know, killing is one thing of the game, but IMHO, the ones who try not to die, are the real ones… I love to play as a archer in TO and have a score of 21-1 or so…
    Its lovely, it can make my day… Because i only died once because of some lack of awareness… else, i dont have to die… if i do it correctly.

    So in other words :

    Yes, i do believe that FFA is a very good training, but not for archers… I play vanguard-Brandistock to get up to top 3…

    -Mr. Sharpshooter-

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