Class limit?

  • With all the whining about archers and vanguards I though server-side settings of limiting each class to a certain tickets would be nice. That way some servers could remove archers or vanguards completely while others could set more balanced team class setup to prevent half archer teams on certain maps/modes.

    P.S.: Certainly that kind of suggestion must have been made somewhere before, sorry if I repeat it again.

  • This is a good idea. I fucking like this idea! 8-)

  • The suggestion has been made before, yes, and I believe it is a planned addition coming soon™.

  • as a server option yes all the way! +1
    ( lol im a bit tired of playing on offence and 75% of my team is archer …. just this morning , in dark forest , in a team of 11 players we had 7 archers … guess witch side won … it was a real massacre … we didnt even pass the first objective …)

  • In team objective I just yell at my team to do stuff. I’m level 28 so I’m usually listened too an stuff gets done.

    The wonders of command. If the fix the VoIP we wouldn’t really need class limits.

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