Age of Chivalry Dark mesiah maps

  • I recently got Dark mesiah on multiplayer, man those maps rule, so immersive huge, are made same like the AoC ones, so I don’t see any reason why not convert them into AOC maps, they are both made so that you need to use ranged and melee weapons, in one word perfect for a game like Age of Chivalry the only question remaining is how can you convert them into AOC maps?

  • A simple test would be to see if AOC can run the map in the first place but putting a DM map into your AOC maps folder and try to run it. I am sure many of the textures and models will show errors.

    Then you would have to decompile the map providing that the DM version starts in BSP format. Then load it up in hammer editor, copy and edit aoc objectives, spawn point, endgame timers into the maps, add ammo boxes, catapults or what ever else you wanted from AOC into the maps. Then the tricky part is getting all the textures from DM into AOC and that can be problematic some times along with trees and other models. THen after you compile the map, you have to use pakrat to add in any custom textures into the map.

  • Thx for the support Ill try and see if I get somewhere.

  • upon reflection, since most servers can have a max player cap around 24 players, people get lost in large maps. I have been converting maps for AOC for a few months now and I will be releasing about 6 new maps soon. Size and objectives seem to be the biggest challenge as AOC players are fickle bitches and do not like change. I have had the Narnia maps released for a few weeks now and some love it, some hate it. After some tweaks I will be releasing a final version of it as well as a Death Match version of it but I am not sure if anyone else is hosting the map. SO hard to tell if it is a successful map. On our server I get lots of request to play it, so that is my gauge for it’s success but I would really like to see more servers host the map and the other maps I will be releasing. Since I have spent lots of hours learning Hammer. editing, testing and converting maps for AOC, it is sad if no one gets to play them let alone hear harsh criticism from people that have no clue as to how difficult and time consuming this endeavor can be. But in all fairness, I do like the feedback as that is what helps me create a better gaming experience.

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