• fixed i thought when a persons head gets cut off they will not even know what hit them and it would go black well i just learned something it does not go black untill you loose all your blood.

  • @yobosshog:

    To make the game more realistic instead of when you get your head cut off the camara fallows the head just make the game a little bit real and make it when you get your head cut off the screen goes black untill you go into spectater or spawn.


    How do you know your vision goes black? Have you had your head cut off before?

    Maybe everything goes white…… maybe there’s a light at the end of a tunnel you head towards.

    Maybe your life flashes before your eyes and you remember the time when your father first taught you how to use a sword as a child… or when you lost your virginity to the village bicycle. Oh wait, they didn’t have those back then… the Village wagon.

    People say your head stays alive for a few seconds after being decapitated, thus you could be looking at your headless body from a few feet away for a while until the blood drains from your neck.

  • The French revolutionaries found that the average person stayed alive for four seconds with their head separated from their body.

    So the game has got it right.

  • imagine you could still do battlecries after you got decapitated: " For the ordaaah!"

    Just kidding by the way :p

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