• Can someone explain how you get into the kick voting menu?

    I found there to be a lot of racist comments from players, and a lot of asshats that play this game.
    It seems that those in the know don’t want to divulge how to get the kick vote menu up. maybe because it themselves. I don’t know.

    But an explanation would be nice.
    I would look in the manual but steam doesn’t provide one!

  • I believe it is on the scoreboard. You’ll need to use the enable mouse in scoreboard button too.

  • You can either open the in-game console (defaults to the tilde key on most keyboards) and type in votekick. It will then bring up a list of players at which you type in "confirm " with the number next to the name of the player that you want to kick.

    Alternatively as Bob suggested, you can open the scoreboard and tap the ‘b’ key by default to enable the mouse. Then just click on the player and you will be presented with options for votekicking and muting.

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