[SOLVED] Walking Backwards Automatically/Key Stuck

  • Whether it is in the menu or in-game, my game acts as though the DOWN ARROW key is pressed 24/7. I can navigate the main menu with my mouse, but if I wanted to re-assign a key or select a server, it automatically acts as though I’m pressing the DOWN ARROW button.

    It began after I opened the game and the first window that opened was an UDK program. I thought it was the game hanging or I accidentally opened it twice. Anyhow, with the UDK in my taskbar, the game starts as normal.

    With two instances of the game running (that was my assumption at the time), I exit the first and I try to access (alt+tab and mouse click) the second (which is the UDK). I end up ctrl+alt+del and force it to close.

    I start the game up and now I am where I am. Anyone else in this boat? I’ve uninstalled the game + reinstalled, but it still does the same thing.

  • First make sure that you unplug any gamepads/controllers that you have plugged in.

    If that is not the issue, try deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games.

  • Wow, it was the controller, never would’ve thought. Thanks!

  • @poorprae:

    Wow, it was the controller, never would’ve thought. Thanks!

    They are sneaky little devils ;)

    See ya on the battlefield. :k1:

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