Chivalrous Music

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    Been working on a tune inspired by this epic game:

    Ideas, suggestiosn, comments welcomes :D

  • I would gladly play while listening to this.

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    Thanks metrocop :P
    Still WIP. I was thinking about seperating the medlays since they might be too long and thus become droning.

  • I liked it. Sounded very professional. Keep up the good work! I would love to hear more music inspired by the game. Will give it a go while playing.(When I get home from work :( )

  • Impressive!

  • @Martin:


    Most Impressive

  • This is great! :)
    I could easily listen to this whilst playing.

    Personally though I think I would enjoy the melody that starts the song being played by itself to give it a sort of ‘played by a Bard’ feeling to it.

    Great job though!

  • I am an Agatha Vanguard when possible (90 % of my far too long playing time). Impressive work. Thank you.

    A small compliment to the development team as well. A superb core game mechanic causes the immersion the makes talented persons compose music. If this game was based on unlocks and placing stuffed animals on your helmet, I doubt this piece of music ever would have been created.

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    Thanks all for your feedback! :D
    Didnt think people would like this at all.

    Kirk I like your idea, im gonna try to put that in.

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    Alright ive updated with what I think will make the entire composition for this track.
    Look it up here:

  • Awesome! Love the beginning :)

    Oh and I need to add. Rock hold is amazing too. The small melody’s in your works are so nice. I could imagine them being played in a tavern or something.

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    =DDD thx and what do you mean small melodies?

  • Before it gets into the main part, the little tunes that play. Basically everything before 1:00.

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