Unlock new weapons - Bug?

  • Hey,

    so far i unlocked some weapons for vanguard and archer and i understandt that you get new ones by using the previous one in battle BUT how exactly does it work? Do i have to get kills and assist or is there more to it?

    The reason, i am asking is: I have unlocked quit a few weapons for archer and vanguard so far. Today i started playing as a knight. After 2 games where i had between 15-20 kills at the end the number on the 2nd sword is still 24 ( i only used the longsword in battle). I have the feeling that i unlocked all the other weapons so far a lot faster.

    Is this a bug, or are the knights weapons just harder to unlock?

  • One kill with a weapon of that class (swords or spears or polearms for Vanguard, as examples of classes) will update the counter for the next locked weapon in that class.
    There may be bugs associated with this procedure:
    Some servers don’t seem to update the counter, so check that it works before working on unlocks.
    It seems that unlocks are sometimes lost when you exit the game prematurely, before the server loads a new map.

  • Ah, ok. Thanks a lot :D

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