Jump takes stamina

  • Is it possible to make it so jump does not use stamina, this would really help out on the low gravity server I am running as we tend to jump constantly, it kinds sucks when ur stuck on the ground in a low gravity environment.
    I havent found a setting for it anywhere, could sum1 pls help, thanks much appreciated

    Also for editing the game speed u guys said u type in the console
    aoc_slomo and ?

    so if I wanted to try 200% game speed it would be aoc_slomo ?

    so if I wanted to try 150% game speed it would be aoc_slomo ?

    I was kinda confused as to how u wrote it, I think I am catching a cold so forgive me if I couldnt understand it.

  • aoc_slomo 2
    aoc_slomo 1.5
    ```Unless I'm mistaken this is how the slomo command works, where aoc_slomo 2 = 200%, aoc_slomo 1.5 = 150%, aoc_slomo 0.1 = 10%, etc.
    And if not, you can always trial and error.

  • Well, if this were to happen, we would probably end up with people jumping around everywhere. I don’t want a jump-fest.

  • @Toans:

    aoc_slomo 2
    aoc_slomo 1.5
    ```Unless I'm mistaken this is how the slomo command works, where aoc_slomo 2 = 200%, aoc_slomo 1.5 = 150%, aoc_slomo 0.1 = 10%, etc.
    And if not, you can always trial and error.


  • I’d kinda like jump to take just a bit less Stam at least though.

    I love to use it in combination with attacks, especially stabs.

    Also running up to someone, jumping on a rock, then onto a wall or higher rock, then down onto the enemy is pretty badass, feels almost movie like. :D

  • Sounds like this should be something that is server-side configurable - stamina drain per jump/dodge/weapon. Martin seems to be the knowledgeable one on that stuff. I don’t even know where those configuration variables are located :|

  • Thanks for the quick reply, and ty for clearing up the game spead misunderstanding for me.
    I doubt most server admins would even mess with jump stam on a regular server, but for the matrix style we are running it is essential that u can jump whenever u want as many times as u want.

  • UDKFamilyInfo.ini

    To allow dodges/sprint attacks on any class:


    Change to true.

    The Jump stamina cost is actually currently hardcoded, so it would need to be moved to config files.

    A little bonus, something that was originally going to be a part of the Vanguard’s special abilities was increased damage for every successive landed combo, but was just decided not to have it (left click spam being rewarded):


    1.1 = 10% extra damage for every combo landed (it stacks, so 2 landed combos = 20% extra damage). If you miss a combo or enter recovery, it reverts back to 100% damage.

    I don’t believe you can actually mod servers right now though, as these config files don’t seem to take precedence over client config files, or at least UDKNewWeapon doesn’t. UDKFamilyInfo edits may or may not work, just be warned. It will hopefully be resolved eventually.

  • I don’t mind the stamina, I just hate the addition of the invisible cooldown. It’s short, but if try to do something quick and acrobatic, you just end up running off the side of a cliff tapping spacebar.

  • Thanks Martin i might try that combo aggression, ill see what the regulars think about it, and as far as jump stam being hardcoded, this is an unreal engine, unreal tournament being a jump oriented game, i think that should be changed cause if ur gonna use an engine then use an engine to the fullest, giving ppl modding options is a great way to keep the playability up on a game exp if theres multiple ways of playing it, and it lets ppl feel like they are making sumthing custom at the same time.
    Also today when i did the aoc_slowmo for the game speed change on the server it reset all of my keybinds sumhow to default, thought u should know

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