[SOLVED]Servers will not list in browser

  • I tried everything in the “Official fix” thread and none of it worked. I installed the game last night and it loaded all the servers fine and I played for around an hour. Got on this morning and nothing will load. Un-installed the game, replaced the Masterserver file, deleted it, opted into the beta, tried changing the server filters. Tried everything. Don’t have a firewall, never installed any programs from the time I went to sleep and got up……nothing works. This is really frustrating. Never had this happen before with any game.

  • First. Don’t opt into beta. There is a beta build, and you will get those servers when we do fix this. Second, have you ensured on your game filters that it is set to game speed 100%.

    If that is 100, then the next thing to try is



    "Have you tried deleting this folder? It seems to do the trick. Delete this and restart steam. Delete that whole folder.

    C:\Users*YOU*\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare "

  • Solved! Woot. Finally after hours of trying to play this game I can. I set the game speed to 100% and that fixed it. Though I did a whole bunch of other shit so this may have been the final tweak that let me do it! Thank you!

  • Awesome! See ya out there. :berz:

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