Data Execution Prevention UDK.exe

  • (sorry for bad english but everyting stands on swedish on his computer so the translating to english are abit off, hope you understand in general what the problem is else let me know and ill try explain further)

    Hi just installed the game on my friends computer it works fine untill we try Join a game or to play practise then the game shuts down, and claim it is becouse of Data Execution Prevention, i tried to add this game to the allow list in Data Execution Prevention. but it says that this program cant be added to that list.

    if someone knows how to fix this or if this even is the real problem please let us know.

    here is launch log and DxDiag.



  • Hello,

    Just to narrow down the cause, would you please update your video card drivers from nvidia’s website? Your current one is from March 2012 while the latest was released on Jan 5, 2013.


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