Oil pot / being un fire

  • From my understanding the small oil flask that man at arms and guardsmen have will still be present in the new game. I would like to suggest different damage from it since in reality if you lit yourself un fire using gasoline or oil it will actually take about 30+ minutes to burn you to death if you sit still or avoid inhaling the fumes in some way although if you move about inhaling the fumes you will die of suffocation quite quickly, and I would like to see the oil flask’s damage reflect reality, maybe in sense you will take reduced damage if you stand still or crouch and the damage will increase if you move about and will further increase if you perform actions.

  • In reality the naphta from oil pot would spray all over the place and everything around the place can catch fire (even couple of guys). More of that, if we want to stay real, if that pot hits directly it will burn a person to death in most cases. When you want fire to stop, you must try to roll on the ground, pour sand on yourself, but its still hard to do cause naphta is sticky. Yes, one naphta pot could disable a couple of enemies. Alas, one clean slice could do that…we must remember its arcade game :)

  • I really just want the oilpots to be gone…

    In AoC, If you’re trying to fight a MAA as a crusader, or any other class that is not a MAA, he can easily just run away and toss an oilpot at you.

    If he has scored even one hit on you, that means that there is nothing that you can do from that point except die.

    It ruins the fun massively, and I honestly think that the oilpots do not have a place in C:MW

  • In reality do people prance around like a MMA/Serg or Crusader(In Battleground)? And what is the real difference in movement speed between armor and armorless?

    Chivalry should have far more movement options, so, dodging pots should be much easier.

    There should be a way to break the pot on the MMA himself.

  • My suggestion for responses to features that were in AoC is: wait and see how they will be in Chivalry. Because I assure you they will be very different. And since Chivalry will be worked on for an indeterminate amount of time after release (these guys are really devoted, after all - just look at how far they took a simple mod), there is always room for things to be adjusted, remade or removed after the players get their hands on it.

  • Hear the guy ^ :)

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