Guidelines for Creating Tutorials (Tagging Topics etc..)

  • Hi guys, couple of guidelines for you, please follow these when creating topics here:

    Tag Your Topic Titles:
    To make it easier for users to find the content they’re looking up tutorials for, please add tags to your topic titles. This would be to prefix the topic title with a relevant tag betwen square brackets [], then your topic title.

    Please use the following tags (ignore the example topic titles):

    [ARCH] How to Annoy Vanguards (Archers)
    [MAA] Dodging like a Boss (Man At Arms)
    [VG] Poking like a Pro (Vanguard)
    [KNIGHT] How to be a Juggernaught, B****! (Knight)
    [WEP] Clonking Heads with the Maul (Weapons)
    [MECH] Feinting and You (Game Mechanics)
    [SIEGE] How to be a Ballista Pro (Siege Weapons / Defenses)
    [MAP] How to win Stoneshill as Mason! (Levels)
    [TEAM] Working Together to Achieve Victory (General Teamwork Strategies)
    [INDEX] Advanced Combat & Mechanics (Index Topic, see below)
    [MISC] Getting Started (General Gameplay Tips and basic, non-specific stuff)

    Rather than using the [MISC] tag though, (if all of the others are unsuitable) PM me or one of the other mods and suggest an appropriate tag for your new tutorial catagory and we can add it to this list if we feel it may be common. Otherwise just stick to those in this list for consistency.

    Please also use proper capitalisation for titles! It makes them much easier to read.

    Keep Your Topics Specific:
    Please keep your Tutorial topics as specific as possible. Rather than having one gigantic topic that covers a massive range of different things all at once, instead split your topic down into several tagged threads, specific to the type of tutorial that part is covering. (Talking about some basic combat strategies in a class tutorial is ok, but anything too in-depth and detailed about specific weapons should go in their own thread and be tagged with [WEP], with details on how to use that as each class in that thread.

    Title your threads appropriately so people can easily find what they’re looking for. If you really do want to create a range of tutorials that are really all linked together, (such as very detailed weapon tutorials for a specific class, or an “Advanced Combat Tutorial” that goes over a range of mechanics), please create an index-style thread that simply contains the links to each of your individual tutorial topics, along with a short (one sentence / paragraph) description of the content for each. Tag this with [INDEX].

    This way if someone creates a massively useful range of tutorials, rather than sticky-ing the lot, we can just sticky the Index thread, which will link to all the individual tutorials.

    Structuring Your Posts:
    When you’re writing your tutorials, please take care to structure your topic well for easy reading, also people will be able to easily find the parts that they’re interested in.

    This just basically means don’t have huge blocks of text, use paragraphing and spacing well. As with this thread, split your topic down into seperate sections, with bolded titles of what you’re going over in each part, then add a basic summary at the top of what your tutorial aims to cover. You may wish to prefix your sections with numbers if you have a lot of them, then add a short “Contents” section at the top. Still try and keep them as specific as possible though.

    Short descriptions and so on are fine, so certainly don’t be dissuaded thinking you have to write a massive professional tutorial just to give a few tips. The important thing is just to keep the structure familiar so users can easily find what they’re looking for. :)

  • As a note, thankyou to all of you who are already utilising this section and creating content purely to help other players become better warriors.

    All the more glory for you when slaying them! :k1:

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