Great new map idea!

  • I was browsing the forums and found a post by a user named Markato. The idea of his map was certainly great. He just didn’t describe it well enough and had to many other things mixed in. This of course inspired me to make an in-depth post about it. The map would consist of two teams with base camps and an old castle in the center. For the descriptions of the teams i will be using Team A and Team B.
    Team A will have a base camp in the wild on the left side of the map. The same goes with Team B but on the right side. In the central area of the map there is an old castle. The map will not be as open as some but more “Linear”. (I know that sounds like a bad thing but in this case it fits the level)

    There will be paths and such connecting the teams camps to the center of the map.

    Now the goal of this map is to find and capture the hidden treasure/weapon/artifact and return it to your teams camp. This item will be located somewhere in the center of this castle.The the paths leading to the castle can be both wide and skinny at different parts. Some places may have forks and some may have pits and cliff edges. The paths will be very dynamic. Some are shorter but have more challenging barricades or jumps and some are long but will be less challenging to navigate.

    Upon starting the game both teams will spawn at their respective camps and race to the center to get said artifact and return it to their base. Lets say Team A gets the artifact first and they are running back to their camp. Team B outsmarts them and kills the holder of the objective. Team B must now run back down Team A’s pathway to get to the castle where they can continue down path B to THEIR camp.

    As for spawning dilemma… i have that all planned as well. The starting spawn points are at the camps but this could be a problem for later in the game. Lets say Team B has made it past the castle and is now headed down path B to their camp. Once a Team A member is killed they would be re spawning WAY back at camp A. To solve this, the map could have dynamic spawn points. To have these we could implement small holes / cliffs or any sort of physical areas that could not be reached by the players normally. These nooks could be located all across both team’s pathways. Team A members could be spawned at these points as Team B passes. What i mean by physical features is that the players will spawn on cliff edges along the other teams path and will have the opportunity to jump down and ambush the other team. The same thing would be applied to Team A’s pathway, allowing Team B to keep up if they where chasing.

    These dynamic spawns keep the battle raging as the players move on and create an immersive realistic experience. It would make it seem like there were more than the amount of combatants in the game. Both teams have several bands of warriors ready to ambush the other team as they pass ( AKA-Spawn points :D).

    As for the obstacles along the pathways… ill just name the ideas off the top of my head.

    Small cliff edges so the team must go single file
    Spike pits
    Makeshift plank/log bridges
    gaps that must be jumped over

    …and much much more!

    Another thing i thought of was the characteristics of the artifact. It could be something heavy so that the carrier would be slow allowing the opposing team to catch up. This would also force the rest of the carrier
    s team to defend him.

    As for the environment of the map. I have too many different ideas to list them all. This of course includes elevations. Should the castle be on a mountain top and the camps lower? Should the camps be up high with winding pathways to the castle in the valley? Should it be on a plains or a hilly wilderness? Should it be snowy and/or rainy or should it be dry and desert like. Maybe even have magma/lava!

    We could have several different maps with this “Tug-o-war” game play.

    Well those are my ideas for the map and i ask that EVERYONE respond and contribute their own. What do you think of the environment questions above and what other map mechanics could contribute to this type of game play? Would you like to see this type of map in CMW? I hope the developers take this and make something of it. If not i hope to be making it with the tools released. Again please add your own ideas!

    I have an after though here as well. The center doesn’t even need to be a castle. It really could be anything. What are your thoughts?

    You can view the post that gave me the idea here:

  • I am loving the idea for all the obstacles! as for the environment… I would like to see what all the CMW maps look like, then have the “tug-o-war” map be totally different!

    If not implemented straight into the game, this would be something brilliant to make with the tool set, like you said.

    +3 for taking the time to go so in depth 8-)

  • Thanks for the feed back! And yes, i agree that the environment should be something new and fresh so that we have a variety of maps with different eye candy. I currently have another idea that is brilliant imo. new game mode i haven’t seen mentioned. Look for my new thread sometime soon (few days). :D

  • Thinking about this map brings me visions of tactical gameplay, if the spawn points and choke points were done right it could be really hectic!

    What you said about the artefact being heavy might be a good way of restricting the team transporting it, allowing the other more mobile team to use those higher obstacle runs to get the jump on them. Maybe having the ambush spawn points you were talking about further off the edge of the ravine they’re travelling through or what not, and giving players the ability to choose many ambush paths that only unencumbered players can get to?

    All in all an intelligent and tactical map, I hope the ones in-game live up to ideas such as this and objectives such as razing villages :D

  • I will updated the OP with this as well. I have officially began the creation of this map using UDK engine. I knew nothing about it and a few videos later I’m working hard! I’m a fast learner! This is actually quite fun to be honest. Any way i have begun the creation of the castle. Anything anyone would like to contribute/ideas/textures ANYTHING that you can or are willing to would be GREATLY appreciated. :D

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