Match does not load

  • My game is starting up fine, however, after I choose one server this message appears: “Information - Please wait while the game loads…” and nothing else happens. What should I do?

  • I have been having the same problem. A fix for this would be awesome

  • Does it happen to every server? Can you connect to the Official Servers from the links in this topic? viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7082

  • I have tried the several of the links and they didn’t work for me. Yes it happens with every server

  • I’m having the same issue, unfortunately. To ReMixx; no, it changes nothing when I click the official server links. Still stuck loading. :/

  • I am having the same problem as of this afternoon. Have not been able to load any matches. Have tried many different.

  • Happening to me also. Try to join a game and it just hangs on the info screen “wait while loading….”

    Also, I get an error when trying to follow friends in Steam. Something about ?UT? or some crap.

  • Would this have anything to do with the firewall? If so, what would be the proper fix?

  • Dont think its a firewall thing since so many people are reporting this, I also cant get a map to load whether its an official server or not, The game starts up fine, and I can create my own game and the level loads fine but when trying to play multiplayer it stays on the screen of please wait while game loads.

  • I’m having the same problem as of today. I actually played for a bit earlier and then tried to play with a friend just a few minutes ago only to be stuck at the loading screen forever. I validated my game files through steam and nothing seemed to be wrong.

  • It sounds like a lot of people are suddenly having this happen today. Maybe Steam is having issues?

  • Yea I forgot to mention I also played this morning and everything was fine, validated files through steam and nothing found, starting to get the shakes.

  • I’ve had this issue as well… I can’t join official servers or private servers. This just started today.

  • I’m having the same stupid shit 7 hours later. WHYYYY must this game be so fucking dependent on Steam?!?!
    I had the same issue last night trying to get on the 50 player “Syn” server, except I was able to get in once I saw “connection to host has been lost”, I used console to type reconnect and somehow bypassed this error and was able to play…in varying game speeds which was interesting.

    I had left my game running last night and forgot to turn it off and was still on the same server this morning with nobody there. So I go looking for other servers, the server lists seem to be acting normal for me. The official #5 TO server was the only one with decent ping showing players (at least to the browser). So I try the same thing with the reconnect on this server, but it only reconnects me back to the same empty 50 player server I was on before.
    At least connection to servers isn’t entirely impossible, so I exit the game such to make the reconnect forget the previous server and only work with the current one in join attempt. So I try to join the same #5 server in the new session with using reconnect after it tells me connection has been lost but this time it doesn’t work.
    edit: I exited both the game AND steam, fired it back up, and was able to join official #5 classic right away. I don’t know whether it was the specific server or the steam session that was fucked nor do I care to test it at this point.

  • The problem is magically gone today. Any ideas as to why this happens?

  • I have the same problem. No one cares about this or what?

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