Can't join any server.

  • As of 10pm tonight I have not been able to join ANY server. Each time I try joining, the “please wait while the game loads” prompt appears but nothing happens. I am making sure I am trying to join servers that aren’t full.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Same here, I cant join anything.

  • A lot of people seem to be having this issue at the moment, including myself.

  • same here gets stuck at trying to join the server….

    and my server list won’t show anything half the time.

  • check to make sure your game speed is set at 100%, I found that my game speed selection changes randomly sometimes for no reason to either 90% or 101%+ there are no servers set at these speeds so the server list will show no servers.

    that is what fixed it for me don’t know if that is everyone’s problem or not.

  • Possible fix: Worked for me anyway.

    I opted into the Steam beta and now I can connect to servers.

    Steam -> Settings -> Beta Participation -> Steam beta.

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