Blocking Realism and RazerHydra

  • This looks like it is shaping up to be an amazing game. The only thing that could make it perfect (and this is just from what I’ve seen from the vids) is maybe make the block animations correspond to the type and direction of the opponents attack. I was thinking it could be implemented as: if player’s block was unsuccessful the animation would play the default one that you see. But if player’s block is successful, it plays the corresponding animation for the attack it is defending against.

    Also, I was wondering if this was being developed with the RazerHydra controller in mind…

  • From what I understand AoC didn’t really have too many model makers and animators. Plus melee combat is a lot of work.

    Chivalry is said to be all third person models(?), IE no first person hands/weapons compared to third person. That should help cut down on bugs and work. Next they added a new blocking version where you have to block and take a direction, so, something what you’re talking about is probably in the works or could be patched in.

    As for Input, I think the later versions of the Source engine added the Hydra, but I have no idea about Unreal Engine III / UDK. Keyboards/Mice/Controllers can be rather expensive for most people. But 360’s xController is a default Windows controller. I believe the Hydra is more of a motion controller though?

  • It would be Keyboard / mouse only (or probably some crappy x360 controller if one wants). And it would be FPP only. Devs got a suggestion of implementing TPP, but i hope they won’t do that :) Cheerz.

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