Vote kicking needs some work

  • This votekick thing with the official servers needs to get fixed somehow……
    Official LTS Server #03 [24p] - Multiplay. This is the server.

    Some guy named Womb Raider started teamkilling an archer. So I started a vote kick on him, he didn’t get kicked so I didn’t really care as long as he didn’t teamkill me. After the vote kick was finished without any reason he vote kicked me and it passed. I came back on to play shortly after my ban was over. As I came on he started another vote kick on someone and I just said “cmon womb stop with the kicks”. He said it was me and I got kicked 3 more times. Something needs to be done about this thing. I have seen this happen a lot! First time it has happened to me.

  • Just got kicked again as soon as I got on there……

  • I advise avoiding servers filled with such people if you can (you should be as the game has quite a number of players and thus many servers to play on). I usually play on official TO servers and votekicking culture there seems to be higher than what you’re describing. It’s the people who use feature in a wrong way, not feature’s fault.

  • So its one guy who was trolling a server? If so, join our steam moderator group! We are there to stop people from exploiting and hacking. Votekick abuse is a form of exploiting, so you should contact one of us so we can go deal with it. (check my sig for details)

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