Situational damage modifiers

  • This has been on my mind for quite some time now. It would seem that getting hit by the same type of attack with the same weapon does equal damage, regardless of whether it hit you full force, or just barely grazed you. Most evident probably with the long stabby weapons, like a spear or a halberd, when, even if the thrust itself didn’t hit you, you walked into the tip when the weapon was extended and BAM, you get the same amount of damage as if hit by the full force thrust.

    Now I’m not crying out that this is an actual bad thing, I’m more interested in the opinions. I think the game would benefit if damage modifiers were introduced according to whether you took the full force of the hit, or if the weapon just barely touched you at the end of a swing. Or, say, if swung horizontally, whether you got hit by the actual blade of the halberd, or just the blunt end of the stick it’s attached to. Although I’m pretty sure this would be difficult to achieve and unlikely to be done, it would still be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this. Am I in the minority, to think that this would be an improvement?

  • all they need to do is lower the release time on the stabs so they’re not as mouse draggable

  • I agree, its kind of annoying when the guy can turn after missing you with his stab, only to damage you with the broad, not point part of the blade for the same damage. not sure how easy this would be to implement, but it would be nice if more of my deaths made sense.

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