Mass and size of the weapon

  • so as there’s still possibility for archer to block with a dagger knight’s maul with no damage taken
    i thought of a different size-dependance system: instead of stamina penalties there should be penalties on size of successful parry zone .
    For example if you block with a dagger lets say a blow from a maul you should be very precise while aiming your parry and on the opposite knight may get bigger size of successful parry zone with maul against the smaller weapons.

  • It’s good in theory, but would be extremely difficult in the game for 2 things - 1) extremely hard to program. 2) Really takes away from the usefulness of the directional block, and people would have to have insane reflexes to be able to do that in a quarter of a second, like most parries require.

  • 1st: well id argue with that but i dont know the details of how chivalry coded, but true that it will take some time

    takes away the usefulness

    hows that? makes people to aim their parries better
    it should be fine while you are using huge weapons like vanguard or shield while MAA but nerf archers in melee in the right way, and it could be balanced to fit people’s reflexes enough )
    but whatevah

  • For me also a thing which sticks out, a dagger shouldn’t be able to parry big two handed weapons. While your solution sounds interesting, i also think it’s rather difficult to implement, i would rather say that blocking with daggers against heavy weapons should have larger stamina consumation and/or healthdamage even when block is successful, that would be easy to implement for instance.
    Or make the time window for blocking shorter, so you have to time it even more perfectly.

    Not sure, if they are looking into that particular thing, but personally i think it shouldn’t be possible to “easily” block heavy weaponary with Daggers.

  • You can’t block with a dagger, but you can parry with it. In fact you don’t even need a dagger at all to “parry” you can do it with your hands. You just block at the base of the enemy’s weapon and that takes away their mechanical advantage.
    Its not going to be so easy to replicate this intricacy in the game so instead you have to parry at the right time and this is a suitable solution.

    What you could do is make it that to parry with a dagger you have to aim for the enemy’s hand instead of the weapon tip.

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