Alternative Crosshairs?

  • Right now the “U” button(by default changes crosshair) but it changes either to no crosshair or a dot. Chasing a fleeing foe is quite annoying, numerous times I’ve got archers down to 1 hit but they ran away because it is so hard to keep this small dot on them.

    Is it possible to implement something like counter-strike:global offensive where you can customize your own crosshair?



  • Well, maybe in time, but the dot crosshair adds to the challenge of the game, which is what I like - If I’m using the hardest crosshair, someone using the easiest will likely kill me even if they’re 10 ranks below me, so long as they have a good amount of experience. Then it just turns into a game of “EVERYBODY ELSE IS USING IT, I NEED TO USE IT OR GET KILLLED, OMG”.

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