"Protect the King!" gamemode idea!

  • Some of you may have read my idea on the "tug-o-war"styled game play. If not then you can check that out here: http://www.chivalrythegame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=1740

    Back to my most recent idea though. Just by seeing the title some people might already have an idea of what i’m about to talk about while others, well not so much. Regardless of what people may know i will be doing an in-depth explanation of it.

    The Teams
    I am going to start out with the basics of the game style and go into the map layouts later. There are two teams. Team A and Team B. Team A will be on the “defensive” role so to speak. Team A will have all normal players except for one person. That one person shall be the :king: king/leader/person of a great importance. He is so important that Team will do anything in their power to defend him and escort him to safety/carriage/point of interest.

    The Game play / Goal
    Team B would like nothing more than to murder this king, and that my fellow chivalry knights is what they will be attempting to do. Team B will always be spawning at points in the map allowing them to coordinate ambushes and attacks. Team A will be escorting the king through series of streets /choke points and will be kept on their feet by Team B. Team B will also be able to have their archers and crossbowmen posted on roof tops above Team A’s path.

    To make this all more realistic and immersive i have come up with several ideas. Team A begins in their king’s throne room. Team B has conquered their city and is banging down the door Team A consists of royal guardsmen and their king. The only escape is through some sort of secret passageway that leads out of the castle into the burning city. They must keep their king alive at all costs and bring him to safety outside the city limits.

    New player/class "The King"
    This new class would only be used in this “escort the king” type of game play. At the beginning of the match Team A chooses their class and then selects if they would like to be the king or not. The players who opted in at the start will be randomly selected. Players who are not chosen will play the class they selected before oping in. The King will be just like another player but will be able to move swiftly. He is not a weak king but he is also not armed as good as his knights. The king will be given his “personal” one hand sword or dagger. This way the King will be able to aid his team mates in battle. Because the player is fast as the king he will be able to get away in dire situations. Just because he IS fast though, doesn’t mean he should go sanic the hedge hog fast (GOTTA GO FAST!) and speed through the map. He must allow his guards to surround him most of the time.

    Because we want this to be realistic, i have a proposal.

    Teams A’s players could be stronger and more efficient than Team B’s players. On the downside Team A will have NO re spawns while Team B’s re spawns remain.

    The reasoning? Team A consists of the last standing soldiers and their king. No one else is there to help them. Seeing as how they are the kings hand picked guards, they are extremely talented in the ways of battle. Team B however consists of averages soldier who are part of a large army/attack force that succeeded in claiming/laying siege the the city.
    The Spawns**
    Regardless of the proposal above, Team B would require “dynamic” spawn points. What i mean by this is that their spawns will always be changing based on the kings location or if hes reached a certain “point” of progress.

    The "obstacles"
    Some interesting things to make it hard to move around could be

    • The inside of burning building!

    -Pulley system!
    Let me explain this to the best of my ability. Let us imagine a gap of some sort. Could be any thing destroyed/ landscape in the city. The only way across/Up/Down guards is by a pulley lift that can only fit 3-4 men. You don’t want to send your king with only 3 across! In this situation(If Team A is smart!) they would send 4 men across first. THEN they would send the king and 3 men.

    -Siege weapons at various points allow for Team B to unleash havoc on Team A. That is not to say Team A could pass one by at a certain point :D

    -Catacombs with flammable liquid. Think Indian Jones running from the fire that is spreading quickly through the tomb! It isn’t unrealistic at all. Team A could be running though the catacombs and someone from Team B could drop some fire…“Oops!”


    Overall i think this could be a great addition to the game. It introduces a new fun, solid alternative game play choice. To be on Team A and be the king requires a great level of team work. The epic battles that will arise out it will be exciting! :fenc: I believe it will create a true gaming experience of epicness.

    I am no expert at level design or the UDK. Although I’m currently throwing myself at it . Its like I’m throwing myself at a brick wall. That aside, i would gladly try to accomplish this if the developers wont add it to the vanilla release. Many of these ideas are just ideas… remember. Anything anyone would like to say/add/subtract then by all means…POST AWAY! I really want to get the community talking about stuff like this and to see what everyone else thinks of it.

    To add on to the awesomeness listen to this! Imagine the battle throughout the city with this playing.


    Imagine the battle as they fight with courage! :k1:

    For Glory…FOR THE KING! :crest:


    Discuss! :)

  • Well that most certainly painted a picture of epic proportions! :cheers: once again props for going into such extreme detail! every thing you said was well put and left no confusion in my mind. if you dont make them already, you would be great at tutorials. but I digress, I believe some form of protect/kill the king mode is already being implemented. well, I know that at some point on some level, some one wears a crown and somehow is set apart from the rest.

  • Thanks for the reply. Only games i am playing right now is tribes ascend and Aoc. I really cant wait to get this game so i just sit here thinking about what would make it better. Hopefully some beta rolls my way sometime soon! :D

  • Hey Phlint, Im pretty sure I read something similar in WOTR’s forums…just wondering if you’re the same person xD.

  • lol no its not me. I actually haven’t really looked into the war of the roses but im sure that this idea has been thought up by countless people. I actually was inspired by Team fortress 1’s old president game mode. I had so much fun back in the day. I just thought that it would be a great addition to this game :P

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    Dear phlint95, that will be 5000 $ and not one penny less
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    I don’t understand, the reward for 5000$ is a signed piece of art, what do you mean?

  • yeah my mistake :queen:

  • This sounds like an awesome idea :D That sounds very fun ;)

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