UDK.exe stopped working

  • I have the problem that the game chrases after 4 to 5 minutes of playing.
    I have tried several of the fixes to no avail.

    I have attached the files needed

    Please help me i love this game and playing it.
    But now i am having second thoughts about buying this if this is not fixxed.


  • i sometimes get this issue it must be something with the game as i just did a fresh install of windows and i still get it but very rarly i just turn game off for 5 then go again

  • Please attach the latest .dmp file in the same location as your Launch.log.

  • i hope i have attached the file as requested.
    please let me know.

  • Hi enkrs,

    This crash is a new one to me. I’ve passed it along to the programmers so hopefully they can figure it out. Please keep in mind that they are swamped trying to get this first HUGE content update out the door before the end of January.

    Thanks for your patience :)

  • OK thank you for the update if somethings changes ill let you know.

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