• Ok this is my first post and a few of my ideas to more weaponary and armour id like to seeas there isnt much to choose from here are a few of my ideas

    1 Excalibur Sword
    2 Templar Knight Sword
    3 Crusader Short Sword
    4 5 Lobe Viking Sword
    5 Single Ball Mace
    6 Double Ball Mace
    7 Triple Ball Mace
    8 Black Dragon Axe
    9 Warlock Double Axe
    10 Celtic Swords



    1 Trojan Corinthian Helmet
    2 Horned Viking Helmet
    3 Close Helmet
    4 Spartan Helmet

    Please feel free to post more ideas just a few of mine :D

    All above can be found here

  • About the viking stuff, there’s already a viking style sword, the norse sword, mason veteran helmet for man at arms too, etc… and remember that vikings don’t used horns on their helmets! Anyways I see the weapons kind of fantasy stuff, not sure if some of them will fit in the game, celtics swords are cool. I recommend you to wait for incoming update, will be new weapons :D

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  • I wouldnt put the trojan and spartan helmets in at all.

  • @lemonater47:

    I wouldnt put the trojan and spartan helmets in at all.

    Agreed. Nor would I introduce anything overly fancy, like the weapon he’s suggesting… Black dragon axe or whatever I think came out of an RPG somewhere.

  • I didn’t get the black dragon axe from a RPG all weapons can be found at the site mentioned

  • I think the number of different weapons is good, however, number of different “skins”/models could be gradually increased for some variety.

    Kama would be nice in place of the knights first 1h war hammer type weapon.
    Kama with weighted chain could potentially fit alongside the flail mechanic.

    Some farming weapons would be cool: scythe and sickle would maybe fit the profile a bit better then the above Japanese weapons. Which perhaps don’t belong in the game at this stage.

    I really want to see a spear with a flag/standard on it (like in the background picture of the forum)

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