[WEP] The longsword - How to cut heads all day long

  • What´s up everyone!

    My name is funthomass, I am currently rank 33 and have over 180 hours played and at least half of that is with the longsword and I wanna tell / teach you how I use it.

    1. Know your sword, dear knight!

    The longsword is the longest weapon a knight can equip himself. It is faster than Messer and does more damage with slashes and overheads then the Sword of War. Using this sword with 2 hands over one hand with a shield gives you certain advantages:
    You have more reach
    You do a bit more damage
    You can do parry combos to strike quicker

    One disadvantage that comes right up:
    You cannot block multiple people´s strikes
    You can fall for a feint

    1. Ok, so when do I use the shield?

    To me using a shield with the longsword is very situational. If you´re attacking on pretty much all the TO maps you´re gonna be up against archers. Equipped with a tower shield you´re gonna be just fine. If there are no or very few archers I suggest you pick the kite shield, it doesn´t block the view that much and is a bit faster.
    Other situations where you might wanna use your shield is when engaging very skilled players, especially man at arms but over time you´ll learn how to crush MAAs too. There´s nothing more satisfying than slaying an MAA with the longsword, heaaagh!!
    When it comes to big group fights using a shield is more a preference thing. I don´t like to use it just because I prefer the extra reach with both hands.

    1. Fighting style

    The best advice I can give you that applies to pretty much all the 2-handed weapons is to know it´s reach. You have one of the longest swords in the game and it is in your best interest to play with the tip of your sword. Always. Another thing to learn is to control the distance you´re closing with sprinting. Overheads especially are harder to land when face-hugging your opponent because you can literally miss by a centimeter. So try to keep that 3-4 feet distance from your enemy.

    1. Combos

    This is combo beast for you can literally chain any attacks together. I´m gonna give a few examples and describe them:

    Overhead -> Stab - Very handy when fighting with your teammates for you are less likely to hit any of them. It´s also a great engaging combo. A neat little thing you can do is to start your OH waay before and delay it by looking up so it connects just in the right time. This combo two-shots all classes except knights.

    Stab -> Overhead - Might seem like it´s the same but when fighting with shield it makes a difference. The stab animation is small and is really hard to parry even for me sometimes. Also, chaining Stab->OH over and over again is sort of a natural hand movement. Pick a stick and try it yourself, it feels just right :-).

    Slash -> Overhead - A very powerfull combo that delivers massive damage. You want to use this a lot! I suggest following it up with a stab.

    Slash -> Stab - I´ve only started using this combo and it´s soooo effective. It throws a lot of people off because nobody seems to use it. I actually don´t think this is a very realistic movement but hey :D…it works nicely. You can follow this up with either an overhead or another slash.

    Slash -> Slash -> Slash - This is mostly referred to as the noobie way to play the game and I agree to an extent. Slashes are powerfull. You can sometimes hit up to 3 or 4 people and cancel all their attacks which can be lifesaving. When face-hugging an enemy it´s good to force faster contact by dragging your mouse to the left and right. You do not want to use this combo all the time. I use it probably 25% of the time if not less. In group fights it´s not what you wanna be doing. It plays well with the dancing however.

    1. What? Dancing??

    I think it was Shara who showed this and explained this first to the community (all hail the mighty Shara!!!). However, I started using this fighting style not a long ago when I was trying to fight multiple enemies. What you do is you sprint away from your enemies start your slash, make a 180 degree turn as quickly as you can and hit them, ideally with the tip of your sword to avoid shorter weapons. It takes time to master this but when well performed you can camp spawns like a jerk and do extremely well!

    1. How to deal with other classes

    Archers - They should not be a problem to a longsword. When you see one and you know he spotted you you wanna pull out your shield ASAP. They can still hit you, however, in the leg if you´re using the kite shield.
    Always keep in mind that one overhead in the head one-shots them! Use this to quickly get rid of a group of unaware archers.

    Man at arms - These are probably your biggest enemy on the battlefield. They like to take advantage of your missed swings. Don´t allow them by closing the distance on them a little bit more than you are used to. Slashes are great because they cover a lot of area around you and stabs can reach them even if they dodge sometimes. I do not recommend using the overhead that much simply because it´s easy to miss. Feints are your secret weapon and you want to throw them in every once in a while, not all the time!

    Vanguards - These guys have longer swords (fuuuuuuu…). Try not to fall for a feint and parry at the last possible second. Parry combos work great because they come faster than theirs and a lot of people don´t expect that speed.

    Knights - When engaging a swordsman it all comes down to having good mechanics: a good sense of distance, timing and sometimes your IRL stamina for you can battle an equally skilled knight for a really long time. Against knights with warhammers and mauls you need to keep distance and use it to your advantage. Be careful however, that maul can hit you at a pretty long distance!

    If I overlooked something or wrote wrong, feel free to correct me :-) !
    Also check out the awesome youtubers Hexen :

    and Shara:

    For more detailed information!

  • Thank you for the info on the longsword - up til now I used the Sword at War because I thought it had longer reach. I already knew the rest, but thanks anyways - it should probably help a lot of people.

  • Don’t under estimate an archer in melee. Especially if they have read my thread.

    Also be careful when approaching an archer with a tower shield. Make sure its pointed directly at them. I on several occasions have hit a kinight in the head when they are using a tower sheild. I’m either slightly higher than them or they have bent down slightly to see over the top revealing their head.

  • Thanks for this, I’d love to get other people’s views on how the Sword of War vs Longsword differences translate in actual gameplay? I have tried both but cannot make up my mind which I want to stick with.

  • Great guide its a nice start for those new to the class. Have to disagree with you about facing players with the maul. Best bit of advice I can would be to close that distance much like a man at arms. If you can catch his first overhead attack which can be rather tricky you should win. Switch to your lighter weapon and you can flinch him none stop. If you prefer and you’ve managed to learn to control it get close, stab turn your mouse away and then bring it back into the target after he has parried.

  • The Longsword is my favorite of the Knight bastard swords. Nice balance between damage and speed, with good range to boot. Plus side, nobody can cry about your weapon being cheap.

  • Best guide I have read in a while wowww

  • Hello, knights!
    I am very, VERY excited that now we have the alternate swings which makes ma longsword EVEN MOAR POWERFUL!!! And I´m gonna teach you how to use it:

    1. Enclosed areas

    This is probably the best and main reason why you should be considering left slash instead of your right. Classical example:
    Throneroom, fighting on the ledge outside the throneroom where the arches are. If you´re standing close to the wall on your right you must slash from the left!
    You´ll find more enclosed spaces on the new duel maps so watch out for that.

    1. Don´t hit me, bro!

    Another reason that is just as important is to avoid friendly fire. Perfect example:
    You´re running toward your opponent and your teammate is on your right side. This is the perfect time for a left side slash attack.
    I dare you!! You hit me during a game like dat and I´ll make sure you´ll get your head removed!!

    1. What the hell was that?

    The last reason to use the left side slash is just to mess with people. It´s gonna take a loooong time before people get fully used to it. It should also be good against shield turtles. Feint right slash -> slash from the left but I don´t have that much experience in that so far.

    Keep owning!

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