• I have yet to see an Escort gamemode, which is a shame.
    On the original Siege map, you just open the Prince’s cage, how about actually escorting him to safe whereabouts, before the Masons manage to kill him?

    A proper King of the hill gamemode would be grand as well, and perhaps a Free-For-All?

  • Maybe something like “Point Controlling”, similar to TF2’s CP maps, where your team needs to cap points.
    Maybe even more capture the flag maps, other than Overlook.

  • I’ve always hated Overlook and Firecrag, it’s just running. But if they can make it more interesting, like having to pass it on after a short while, it would surely be more attractive imo.


    Or a Team Last Man Standing?

  • Already said FFA :P
    But yeah, Last man standing would be awesome.

  • A juggernaut would produce some major lolz imo, but generally juggernauts are not that much of a good gamemode.

  • Developer

    With this version of the game we are aiming to really expand the gamemodes available to improve the game’s ability to be picked up and played. I can confirm the existence of king of the hill and last team standing maps, with Free for All maps planned. No worries though the classic “Team Objective” game mode from aoc will live on as well.

  • Very nice.

  • Indeed, hopefully there will be more Chivalry in this game :)

  • I cant wait for the last man standing mode :D

    Btw, as I said in a thread I made in the aoch forums, you should make some maps support multiple game modes, and a way to chose one of them.

    I wouldnt like the free for all and the last team standing to be in a map like meleefields for example.

    I would like em to be on a map that is big, the fight pub map would be awesome for a free for all and for a last team standing modes for example, if it wasnt dedicated to boxing.

  • another possibility could be like defending a group of civilians running around the map and mason try to kill them while Agatha defend them but the civilians are quick and hard to kill and defend

  • I think the flexibility of UDK’s AI and map scripting will offer them alot more options in terms of not only gametypes but also specific kinds of objectives as well

  • Don’t forget about mutators, which already are in UDK, and can be used to expand upon existing gamemodes.

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