More Screenshots, Plox?

  • CBFA is being a cocktease.

    PS this is only a request, not a demand. No pressure if you don’t want to show more yet.

  • Scratch his PS.

    I demand more pics.

  • I didn’t know we reached the begging phase ;)
    I’ll join in for a while although I understand why the Team would not want to post their latest work yet.

  • It’s a bit tricky at the stage because we want to present at least semi-polished work now that we are taking this whole thing into the indie space. We’re less inclined to show off any clay renders or anything that would bet us by in the modding days.

    Thanks for being patient with us!

  • Hey guys, I’m so glad you are all doing this. Since you believe you can finish this game in 2011. Please take your time and make this game good. Good Mechanics and some lag compensation is all I ask for. Thanks again for doing this! I’ve been needing a really good Mideaval game and I’ve had to settle for Mount and Blade Warband. :D Bring the CBA!

  • I bet they had something completely different in mind.


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