Udk.exe crash log. narrowed down to video card.

  • Hi,

    I have never gotten my Chivalry: Medieval Warfare game to work ever due to the relatively common UDK.exe crash error before the game even starts up. I completely reinstalled my operating system, checked integrity of files, and tried basically any fix that I could find online that have helped other people.

    Recently, I replaced everything in my computer and kept my video card the same (waiting to upgrade) and get the same error which makes me think it must be a graphics card compatibility issue. The video card is an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro (512 MB, PCI-E). Attached are my crash logs. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi jdsoohoo,

    You are correct that it is your video card. Chivalry will not run on any card older than the Radeon HD 3xxx series due to hardware capabilities of the card.

    However, I have recently discovered these two launch options that may yet make it work for you if you are willing to try them (right click on Chivalry in your Steam library, select properties, and then click Launch properties).

    FORCESHADERMODEL2: Force shader model 2 rendering path even on shader model 3 hardware.
    FORCESHADERMODEL3: Force the use of shader model 3.

    So if you would be so kind to test this out for the other people with the same video card problems, would you try adding:


    as a launch property and then launch the game? If it doesn’t work, remove that from the launch properties and try adding:


    Looking forward to hearing your results … fingers crossed :)

  • Hey,

    Thanks for trying. Unfortunately, neither command worked. I’ll just wait for my new video card to come in. Looking forward to playing!

    Alternatively, if there were some way to force my computer to use the Integrated HD 3000 graphics in the CPU rather than dedicated, that might work. The problem is my motherboard doesn’t have any kind of video out, so the connection has to still run through the dedicated video card.


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