Can't find any servers (Tried Everything)

  • Ive had Chivalry for about a month now and my server browser does not work it says “Retreiving Servers.” So i have to connect manually from here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7082. But its getting really annoying as i have to keep exiting to join a new game because i don’t know how many people are in the game also the ping etc…
    Solutions i have tried:
    Game speed to 100 on browser
    Filtering some option on browser
    Signing up for beta
    Restarting steam and game
    Some more which i can’t renember… =/
    Is there anything to fix this! ;_; - :x

  • Unsign up for beta. there are only 4 beta servers and not everyone can find those.

  • Nope, Nothing. =S

  • What if you (game is NOT running) click the View menu from the main Steam client, select servers, select Favorites tab, and add in the Official Servers that you tend to like?

    Does that work/help any?

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