Additional Training/Practice Mode

  • I know there’s already a training mode, which is just the tutorial, but I feel the combat in this game is complex enough to warrant something more.

    I was thinking of something similar to current training/practice modes in fighting games. These modes encompass things like health/damage information for characters/attacks, a switch for infinite/regenerating health, and a practice dummy in which you can record a series of actions and play them back to your liking.

    I think a mode including some or all of these features would be great in Chivalry, as it could provide a more calm environment for new players to learn the basics of the game outside of the CPU fights in the tutorial. Recording certain attacks and actions on a CPU can help veteran players dissect and understand setups they’ve lost to in the past, or even optimize some of their own.

  • Yeah i bought my wife a copy of Chivalry, however, she found the tutorial stressful. She still came back to it 30mintues later, but the initial tutorial is confronting and confusing for people who are used to ‘ranged’ styles of play. That said if the tutorial is too easy then when people move on to real pvp they would feel ill prepared.

    I found the tutorial to be about right because i’m used to first person closer quarters and once i got the hang of it i moved onto dueling servers ;)

    If i was to change the tutorial it would be to make the NPC’s look like they are suffering more by being knocked about for longer. This would make newbs feel like the NPC wasn’t invulnerable and maybe give them a greater sense of reward for landing a blow.

  • Well, tutorial was pretty clear to me. It shows all controls and moves you can do, everything else depends on your skill (or spamming, lol). If you find it too hard to play with other people, just practice with bots for a while.

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