[CONF] Assists gaining from attacking teammates

  • If you attack a teammate, and he later dies, you will gain an assist and 5 score points, I’m unsure if this feature works in it’s original intent, as this has been the only way, I’ve been able to gain reliable assists.

  • This is not intentional. Confirmed and added to the list.

  • Why didn’t I post this bug?

  • Is this going to be fixed? And assists in general (some players/one team not getting any assists in a whole round)? It’s no big deal, but sometimes it’s annoying and I bet for public players even more.

  • I thought this was known already? You also get assists for hitting peasants as Agathian :D (once they die of course)

    …if assists work at all, that is. They still do not work every second game or so. Or for fire pots at all.

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