• I’d like to see the odd stumble animation here and there; situations like falling off something backwards, presently I land in a balanced position like Vitaly Scherbo in a suit of amour.

    I’d like the sense of blind panic when recovering for half a second or so (a bit like having a shield up and no stamina - that sort of panic!).

    I don’t do a lot of falling off things backwards these days as I know the maps reasonably well. Hence, I don’t think that this suggestion will turn the game into a Keystone Cops movie, still there is a line not to be crossed somewhere.

  • I’d like to see people who run figure of 8’s fall over.

  • Gehehe. YES. :D

  • Hmm…… Good idea I hate when you fall off a cliff and you are stable as can be. This will really be better if you are kicked off a cliff, fall back and scream AHHHH.

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