The slash attack

  • Okay, one thing I’ve noticed whilst playing is that the slash attack has the ability to hit in a 360 axis even though the animation only appears to hit in roughly a 45 degree area. It takes good timing to hit everybody around you with this mechanic but i noticed that when a knight was outnumbered by 3 people around him in different positions; he managed to hit each one of them by performing a 360 rotation using the slash attack. Realistically this is obviously possible but seeing as the animation does not support the said attack it should be tweaked in order to only strike the number of people during the animation. I believe this will cause a lot less annoyance with exploitation of the attack system.

  • This situation is funny to watch especially when the said person kills his own team mates. Initially i didn’t like this mechanic, but now i don’t mind it so much, it means people have to be a little careful on approaching this situation.

    It would be good if a “pulled attack” (where the slash is pulled around) had damage reduced by a percentage equal to half the number of degrees the slash is pulled.
    pull the slash by 90degrees and get 45% reduced damage,
    pull the slash by 180% and get 90% reduce damage.

    This would reward attacks that are more precise and well timed as opposed to miscellaneous random spamming.

  • With that in mind it could also be useful for the damage reduction and possibly even increased stamina usage to take effect with the more people the slash attack hits because the force would weaken the overall strike. Just a thought I guess.

  • Slash is fine as it is. The “pull attacks” as you call it can be used to delay/accelerate your swing to bypass the enemy’s parry.

  • So bypassing the parry of every enemy around you is fair, or realistic which the game is trying to show elements of? The single attack should not be able to do that without any means of disadvantage to the player creating the attack. Realistically the person would at least lose a great deal of stamina each hit the strike made resulting in the parry inevitably blocking the attack.

  • I think saying that it bypasses every parry around is pushing reality of things. Speeding up or slowing down either of the three attacks are valid tactics and are blockable.

    You might experience that you need to block much earlier than usual, but this is absolutely doable. Playing on duel servers made me much better at this. Playing in 1st person is also a must if you wan’t to work the speed/slow tactics (And countering).

  • @poiuasd:

    Slash is fine as it is. The “pull attacks” as you call it can be used to delay/accelerate your swing to bypass the enemy’s parry.

    I don’t think the issue is the attack itself but the animation. I guy @ 180 or 260 degress has no chance to parry as he gets hit by an invisible swing.

    Its like trying to parry a polearm thrust right after you stabbed a vangard in the face with your dagger, since you can’t see the point of the polearm it can be nearly impossible.

  • I don’t think it’s an issue. I mean, sure, the animation doesn’t necessarily look great but so what? It’s effective.

    I think the bigger issue, and this is something I mentioned before, is that your weapon does 100% damage throughout the swing arc. I think the first 30% and last 30% of the swing arc should be maybe 50% damage. Then for the middle 40%, maybe the first and last 15% do 100% damage, and then right in the sweet spot, 10% of the swing arc, it’s 110% damage.

    So you get 50%|100%|110%|100%|50% damage, with this much arc: 30%|15%|10%|15%|30%

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