Sprinting while charging for the shortbow

  • Now I am really sorry if this idea has been posted already, I did try and search for smiliar topics but didn’t find anything too relative.

    So, in my opinion the longbow and the warbow are completely superior to the shortbow. Its tiny speed advantage does not fill the gap between the huge damage of other bows. Now further buffing the charge speed would be stupid, I guess no one wants some medieval machineguns spraying everything on the horizon while holding the D in other hand or whatever.

    What I would like to see is being able to sprint while charging the shot, or even when you have the shot charged. This would make for some really fun semi-cqc archery, running away then turning to quickly shoot, and encourage the archers to take a step ahead on the frontline instead of spamming from the distance. It wouldn’t be overpowered because of the increased skill requirement & you can counter it with throwing axes or shields. It would simply allow new playstyles - which at the moment are rather limited. Feel free to share your thoughts.

    This could potentially go into ideas and suggestions subforums, if this subforum is more about tweaking the percents and other numbers. This is my first post though, so I apologize beforehand ;_;

  • You can actually,with every bow, if you press shift while preparing an arrow, you will sprint.
    It’s a bug though (i think)

  • I would rather see the shortbow just not lose any speed at all while drawn, but still disable sprinting. Sprinting only allows you to move forward quickly, so it’s only very situationally useful.

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