What to do about the frequent speedhackers?

  • Just had my first few run ins with speedhackers in the last few days.
    Once yesterday and today we had three people doing it on the same server. One on my team and two on the other.

    And I’m not talking blatant hackers, these guys are smart enough to put it at about 10-20% of the effect, enough to give them an advantage. It becomes very noticeable in fights though and if you happen to spot one of the users at a distance, especially since them running backwards in fights is much too fast.

    So is there anything I can do when I spot a hacker? Can I report him to the forums?

    Also in before someone says I’ve just been outmatched I’ve got over 50 hours in chivalry which is enough to judge the movement speeds. Also I’m sure these guys were NOT under the effect of chase and wasn’t on a map where you could abuse filthy peasants.

  • Join this steam group and report the person. Someone will join the game to verify. Don’t vote kick the person from the game before someone has a look.


  • “In before” …you’re the OP. derp.

    Frankly though, use the forum search. This thread has already been creating dozens of times and many grow tired of seeing it.

    Short answer:

    Report to mod group or start your own server and admin it as you see fit.

  • More thorough anticheat measures are coming in the next update.

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