A new Game Mode

  • This is probably not the best idea, but an idea nonetheless. So, I got to thinking about game modes, specifically for this game. And, I started thinking clan vs clan and football season just around the corner. Why not have a Medieval Football game mode.

    Then I started thinking about a rule set and I pretty much came up with this.

    • No Kickooffs
    • No Punts
    • No Downs
    • 5min quaters, 4 quaters
    • Your class selection is set for an entire quater
    • Subs can be done at halftime
    • Would have some sort of Out of Bounds, would have to cross the goalline between the pylons.

    Instead, the game would start with (assuming 16vs16) each team lined up on the goalline of a Medieval looking Football field and instead of a football. A live chicken would take its place and drop at the 50 yardline at the start of the game. This chicken would have random run movement. Once grabbed the chicken can be kicked up field, or the player can choose to follow a block. As far as extra point attempts, you would need back to back TD’s, then the chicken drops at the opposing teams 25 yard line. If accomplished, the chicken gets put in a catapult and shot through medieval looking uprights. Brings back memories of Mutant Leguea Football and Hockey.

  • Enjoyable.
    Now, make it ;P cause devs for sure won’t :)

  • This sounds like a fantastic idea for a mod.

  • The more I think about it, the cooler it gets. It would be like a push/pull medieval moshpit with a chicken getting kicked up and down the field. And archers staying in the back field ready to stop any would be medieval runningbacks. The knights playing like a safety position, men at arms on the frontline and such.

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